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Table / Table

The most powerful Catalog combo!💪 💪

As the name suggests, that's your regular Table but it can do almost anything out-of-the-box, like pagination, filters (by attribute or relationships), sorting (by attributes or relationship). Take the time to understand this combo and you will never have to write a Table again.

For this catalog, you may set the headers two ways:

  • The quick way: if your table is simple, you may assign the `$headers` property an array of strings
  • The advanced way: if you need more control over the table headers, you may use the `headers` method that will return an array of `Th` components. This will allow you to chain component methods for sorting or adding class and styling the headers.
public $layout = 'Table';

public function card($item)
   return Table::form([

//Setting the headers (the quick way)
public $headers = ['Published at', 'Title', '<i class="icon-trash"></i>'];

//or the more advanced version...
public function headers()
   return [
      Th::form('Published at'),

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