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How you can collaborate

This is the first beta release of Kompo. The code base will most definitely evolve (and improve) over time as feedback is collected.

Discord chat server

To ask questions, collaborate, give your opinion or join the conversation, head to our newly created discord server:

Bugs & Issues

The main feedback channel is the github repository kompo/kompo. Please use the issues tab:

  • If you encountered a bug or an incomplete functionality.
  • If you discovered a security vulnerability (please write directly in this case).
  • If you have any code-related question.

Enriching the library

There are other ways to contribute in the community repo kompo/library:

  1. `SCSS Themes`: If you've built a beautiful theme, share the SASS files with us. If needed, don't hesitate to ask to add some new variables to gain control of new komponent styling features.
  2. `New Custom Komponents`: if you have extended a Field or crafted a new awesome Card, please do share it by writing a PR for it in the repo. If there are some missing functionalities needed to make your Custom Komponents work, we will gladly add them (if useful) to the main package.
  3. `Feature Combos`: This can be a "Contact us" form feature, a "Registration by invitation" feature, etc... PR the Komposers, Models & Migrations combo that makes up this feature, and after careful review, we may add it to the community repo. It would be shared with all the community and may be pulled anytime we need it in one of our projects.

Fixing the docs

For documentation clarifications or improvement suggestions, please use the github repository kompo/docs.

Open collaboration

For any "non code-related" questions, you may write directly to or on twitter @BassElHachem.

Forum Q&A

Stackoverflow is the best choice. Please tag any question you might have with `kompo`.