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Kompo CSS Styles docs
Infinite possibilities and eternal re-use - 🎨

CSS styles

Komponents styles

To style a specific component, you have multiple options.

  1. Either assign CSS classes using the `class` method or an id attribute using the `id` method.
  2. Or set the `$style` property as you would in the HTML attribute.
  3. Or override or extend the Komponent specific automatically generated class:
    `'vl{Komponent Name}`.
//1.a. Style from CSS by targeting id #my-input
//CSS: #my-input{}

//1.b. Style from CSS by targeting class .text-input
//CSS: .text-input{}

//2.a. Style in PHP with `class`
_Input('Title')->class('mb-6 text-gray-500')

//2.b. Style in PHP with `style`
_Input('Title')->style('border: 1px solid gainsboro')

//2.c. For Fields, you also have `inputClass` and `inputStyle`:
_Input('Title')->inputClass('mb-6 text-gray-500')
_Input('Title')->inputStyle('border: 1px solid gainsboro')

//3. Target the auto class 'vl{Komponent Name}' in CSS
_Input('Title') //This automatically has a .vlInput class
//CSS: .vlInput{}

Komposer styles

You may set styling attributes to the Form, Query or Menu by leveraging the public `$id`, `$class` or `$style` properties of your Komposer class.

This will target the wrapper element. It can also be useful for CSS rules that cascade down.
class MyForm extends Form
   public $id = 'my-custom-form-id';

   public $class = 'my-custom-form-class'; 
   //public $class = 'p-4 text-center'; //add padding and center

   public $style = 'min-height:500px;background:red'; //add custom CSS 


Themes: SCSS global styles

The form styles are highly configurable in scss. You can either modify these variables before you import your chosen theme or you can simply create your own theme!

The variable list for each of the 4 base themes are available here:

  1. bootstrap-variables.scss
  2. floating-variables.scss
  3. md-filled-variables.scss
  4. md-outlined-variables.scss

For example, let's say we want to modify some variables of the `md-filled` theme:

Remove !default when you override any of the variables in your theme.

// We only modify the desired variables,
$form-field-margin-t: 1rem;
$form-field-margin-b: 1.6rem;
$form-control-bg: rgba(20, 20, 20, 0.5);
$form-control-placeholder-color: purple;
$form-control-border-radius: .5rem;
$form-control-border-color: black;

// ... before importing our desired theme pack.
@import  'vue-kompo/sass/md-filled-style';

🙏 If you create a nice theme, please do submit a PR to share it with the community!
🙏 And if you need some tweaks for your theme to work, don't hesitate to write to me or create a PR to suggest a change!